Meet OPKIX C.E.O & Co-Founder C. Lawrence “LG” Greaves

OPKIX C.E.O. & Co-Founder C. Lawrence “LG” Greaves does everything with a sense of style.

Perhaps, that professional and personal panache was cultivated by his blessed childhood split between the legendary hustle and bustle of London and the inimitable energy of Johannesburg—or it might just be naturally ingrained in him! Either way, LG’s belief in hard work transformed him into a sought-after investor and entrepreneur.

His journey is the American dream personified. Following the love of his life home to the West Coast, LG arrived in Southern California during 2005 and worked his way up from a six-month internship into launching his own consultancy firm only three years later. Following years of advising and consulting for some of the biggest companies in the world in addition to amassing an impressive investment portfolio of his own, he started as one of the first three investors and joined the OPKIX team as C.E.O. in 2016.

How does a gifted entrepreneur with an acumen way beyond his years become the C.E.O. of what promises to be a game-changing tech and social brand?

“It was the perfect storm,” he says. “Technology, social, and content converge in the vision for OPKIX. It’s not just a camera company. The camera really unlocks this world for content-creation and social interaction. That’s extremely exciting to me. I really felt like I envisioned the trend to the future and wanted to innovate hardware and software ahead of the changing tides.”

It’s working already. With what he’s done already at 35-years-old and the world-class team he’s put together here, you’d be well advised to watch this space.

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