Meet OPKIX Co-Founder, Chief Business Development Officer, and President Shahin Amirpour

Like many visionaries before him, OPKIX Co-Founder, Chief Business Development Officer, and President Shahin Amirpour experienced a problem, and he wanted to solve it…

In this case, his camera lost its charge after ten minutes on a snowboarding trip back in January 2016. On top of that, his friend’s camera malfunctioned, while another pal made the mountainous faux pas of holding his cell phone up while riding—never do that!

Upon getting back in the car, Shahin plugged his phone into a headset, and a proverbial lightbulb went off.

“You can plug headphones into the phone or speakers,” he says. “Why not a camera? I wanted to figure out how to do that. The camera could be unobtrusive, while the phone stayed warm in your jacket. The next day, I began working on what became OPKIX.”

Teaming with fellow Co-Founder, Chief Design Officer, and longtime friend Ryan Fuller, they launched OPKIX together. Not a second was wasted as they got right to it. A little more than a year later, OPKIX is here.

“I’ve got my dream job now,” he says. “It is exactly what I’ve always wanted.”

This innovation would be the most recent in a series for Shahin. In addition to becoming the paramount event expert in Southern California with his 1 Source Productions, he’s spearheaded numerous successful products. With 1 Source Products, he led the pack in a burgeoning alternative recreational consumer vertical by engineering, distributing, and marketing the groundbreaking Hot Box Vapors. Moreover, he acquired Smelly Proof Bags and transformed it into a phenomenon that’s not only available in U.S. National Parks but also on QVC and more than 2,500 storefronts.

With a passion for extreme sports and music, expect many more innovations from him in the near future and follow his adventures here!