Meet OPKIX Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer Ryan Fuller

Filming anywhere and everywhere since the age of 14, OPKIX Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer Ryan Fuller always dreamed of building his own camera. The Orange County native got his start on a VHS camcorder in the mini-DV days, but he made the most of it by capturing action-packed videos of his friends snowboarding and skateboarding. He eventually went on to launch his own creative firm, shooting and producing content for everyone from CITIBANK to National Geographic. Garnering awards and industry prestige, there was still one thing he hadn’t gotten to do…

“I still wanted to make my own camera,” he admits. “That was the ultimate dream for me. I’d thought about it for so long. I just needed the right opportunity.”

That happened in 2015 when colleague Shahin Amirpour approached him with an idea for a game-changing camera. Ryan went to work, designing it on Photoshop and enlisting a team of engineers to bring it to life.

Hence, OPKIX was born.

His vision extends beyond the camera. Ryan also personally handled set design for the 9,000 square foot OPKIX headquarters and studio in Costa Mesa. Now, he’s hard at work on a host of content and innovations. Stay tuned for a whole lot more!

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